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Goldendoodle Standard  

It was determined at the inception of GANA that a breed standard would not be developed until the multigen Goldendoodle was common place and ideal standards could be determined.  The items below represent the items determined to be important in the development of the Goldendoodle and our member breeders have voted upon and agreed that these will be the basis for which the rest of the breed standard is created. 


»A balanced mix of physical characteristics of the Golden Retriever and the Poodle;


»A consistently, friendly, social temperament similar to that of the Golden Retriever;


»Consists of Poodle and Golden Retriever only - no other breed infusion is accepted;


»No tail docking or body altering other than the removal of dew claws - Dew claw removal is optional.

Note: F1's through F3's have such a variety of coats and builds and GANA does not wish to hinder experimental development of the
multigenerational Goldendoodle.  Therefore, no breed standard will be developed that will include generations before the multigen.

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